How To Select The Best Water Fountains For Your Cats


Cats love it when they are the center of attention, they naturally won’t settle for anything less. The moment you decide to keep it as a pet, you must be prepared psychologically for what’s in store. This means you have to give it your undivided attention whenever necessary. That’s not all, you have to include it in your to do list for the day any time you are home.

Having a cat is not just about emptying its litter bin and refilling it with fresh sand or, putting food on its dish and making sure it has enough to eat, you also have to set aside some time for you to bond with it. They are pretty much like babies and must be handled as such, the only thing you don’t have to do is change its diaper.

Cats can accessorize.

rthyuiuynhThe same way your baby needs a feeding bottle, your cat needs a water fountain for it to always stay hydrated and remain healthy. I bet you are wondering where to find the best water fountains for cats, we’ve got your back. You can get them online at affordable prices. What’s more, the benefits that come along with online purchases are genuine and fantastic. For instance, free deliveries, a wide array of stocks to choose from.

Features of good water fountains for cats

1. The flow of water should be adjustable

Failure to which, an uncontrolled flow can scare away your cat. As is commonly known, cats and water have never really been in the best of terms so any wrong move could lead to a virtual enmity between your cat and its new gift. The cat should have easy access to it without having to strain so hard. Some designs happen to be so complicated for the cat to understand thus causing some minor accidents that are completely uncalled for.

2. Ample water holding capacity

It shouldn’t be too big or wide so that it actually drowns the cat in the middle of its drinking spree neither should it be too tiny for it to accommodate the cat’s head.Must have a carbon filter. The reason for this is to ensure the cat enjoys uncontaminated and crystal clear water right from its source.

3. How to store a cat water fountain

wef456y57j5yhMake sure you store it in a place that is less frequented by people around your house. This will help prevent accidental spillages that will eventually mess up your neat home. Something very vital that should never escape your mind is that drinking fountains are fragile and should be treated as such. This means that failure to handle without care could lead to irreparable damages such as a nonadjustable water flow. Once it is broken, it is almost impossible to fix it.

Technology wouldn’t have come at a better time than this. It is so heartwarming to know that technology also has these friendly creatures in mind and has gone the extra mile of ensuring their needs are taken care of in an elegant way.

It is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the good job they do in keeping away rats, mice, cockroaches and other pesky creatures we can’t stand, from our homes.