Natural Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is a common problem in the current times. There are many causes which lead to high blood pressure, with a high percentage of people who are affected being above 35 years of age. There are some medications which can be prescribed by your physician to help control blood pressure, but they can be too expensive and inconveniencing at times. A good alternative is to control the blood pressure using natural methods. Below are some of the natural measures you can take to regulate blood pressure.

How to regulate your blood pressure

Exercise regularlytrdjfgdzestdfyg

Regular physical activity can go a long way in ensuring your blood pressure remains at good levels. This includes lowering the blood pressure if you already have hypertension. The recommended exercise types include cycling, jogging, walking, dancing, and swimming among many others. You can also opt to go for strength training as well. The main thing to remember is that you have to make the exercises or workouts a regular and consistent part of your life. Your physician can help you come up with the most suitable and effective workout program in relation to your current situation.

Watch your diet

The type and amount of food you consume will also work towards controlling your blood pressure. To lower your blood pressure, it is advisable that your diet contains whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products. Changing your food habits might be a bit challenging, but with determination and a food diary to help, it should all work out well.

Reduce sodium intake

rdtfhgcftrdyfdsrdReduction of sodium in your diet can help reduce blood pressure by a good margin. Sodium intake has different effects on different people, in regards to blood pressure. Doctors recommend that sodium intake is kept at less than 2300 mg per day and less than 1500 mg for those who have higher salt sensitivity and senior citizens. Avoid processed foods, add less salt to food, and read labels to check salt content in a bid to limit your salt intake.

Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol in very small amounts can help to lower your blood pressure by up to 4 mm Hg. However, the effect of alcohol is reversed when you consume more than the recommended amounts. It will not only increase your blood pressure further but also lower the effects of blood pressure medication that you might be using.…